The Crono S-PID 50 pump is a higher volume derivation of the Super PID model with some additional programming features. This model uses the Crono 50mL syringe reservoir, and is supplied with a range of carrying accessories for user convenience. The single battery cell has a typical life expectancy sufficient for approximately 70 full syringe infusions.

In particular these pumps have increased flow rate facilities and a higher level of pumping pressure to manage the requirements for the administration of more viscous fluids such as Immunoglobulin.

General Characteristics
  • 50mL dedicated syringes with universal 'Luer-Lok' connector.
  • Programmable partial syringe fill volume.
  • Electronic monitoring and control circuits for safety.
  • Light alloy precision engineered pumping mechanism.
  • Simple prime function (1.5mL maximum).
  • Delivery can be programmed in flow rate mode (1.0mL to 50mL/Hr) or in timed mode (1 hour to 50 hours) to meet local requirements.
  • Automatic switch off and pump reset at end of delivery.
  • Light and compact with a weight of 140g and dimensions 84.5 x 55 x 42 mm.
  • 3 Volt lithium long life battery.
  • Two year warranty.
  • CE approved.
Model specific characteristics

Because of the high volumes delivered by this device we particularly recommend the neria multi range of infusion sets to spread the delivery over between 2 and 4 sites simultaneously.

For UK pricing and delivery information please contact Applied Medical Technology Ltd.