We have a wide range of traditional soft catheter systems to meet a wide variety of therapeutic applications while offering patients a choice of what may best suit their particular requirements.

Neria™ Soft

The neria™ Soft is a new range of soft catheter subcutaneous infusion sets from the makers of the well established neria™ needle sets. The basic pack incorporates 10 catheters and connector tubings and requires no additional materials for application. More Information

Neria™ Soft 90

The new neria™ Soft 90 product incorporates all the best features of the current neria™ range with the additional feature of a 90 degree soft catheter construction. The disconnectable tubing system offers great flexibility for patients, and there is a transparent window in the catheter assembly to allow viewing of the infusion site. More Information

Medtronic Silhouette

The MiniMed Silhouette subcutaneous infusion sets use a flexible Teflon cannula to achieve the ultimate in user comfort and convenience. These sets are an excellent alternative to the Sof-Set device where there may be limitations on tissue depth, or where an individual has an allergy or other usage problem. More Information

Medtronic Quick-Set

The innovative Quick-Set product provides a straight 90 degree Teflon catheter incorporated into an integral self-adhesive pad, with tubing detachable at the site. The system incorporates a user operated safe needle disposal system to reduce danger from finger-stick accidents. For simplified insertion the Quick-Set may be used with a special insertion device (MMT395) to ensure quick and pain free placement. More Information