Applied Medical Technology has the most comprehensive range of products available in the UK dedicated to the portable subcutaneous delivery of drugs. This includes pump options to cover all possible therapeutic areas, and a range of disposable products developed over years of experience to provide the most reliable, comfortable and convenient systems available. Please select the links for any further information on each of these products.

Needle safe Infusion set systems

The new Saflo™ and Saflo™ 90 infusion set systems have been designed specifically to meet the EU sharps safety requirements which were implemented in May 2013. Models are available to cover all the applications of the previous generations of infusion sets. More Information

Standard soft catheter systems

We have a wide range of traditional soft catheter systems to meet a wide variety of therapeutic applications, offering patients a choice of what may best suit their particular requirements. More Information

Needle based infusion systems

The neria™ infusion sets are a unique range of products which bring a new level of user comfort and convenience to those who prefer to use a needle set. These were formerly branded as either Thalaset or Contact Sets. The range now includes a number of multi-line options specifically for higher volume immunological applications. More Information

Subcutaneous Injection ports

We now can offer a choice of subcutaneous injection port to allow for multiple dosages through the same site without the need to inject the patient on each occasion. These devices incorporate a Teflon cannula with a self-sealing injection port suitable for up to 70 injections These provide a much more convenient and comfortable access than the alternative of repeated needle insertions into the skin. More Information