The Insuflon is a soft, flexible Teflon catheter which is inserted into the skin for periods of up to 5 days. Thereafter all injections are given through the silicon sealing membrane at the end of the device. This completely eliminates the pain associated with injections, and ensures a more uniform dispersion of the drug by allowing infusion into a consistent location for each injection.

The soft fabric retaining pad secures the device in place and cushions the hub of the injector to ensure maximum patient comfort. There is a transparent 'window' which allows a view of the actual injection site to observe any incidences of leakage or irritation.

The Insuflon is particularly valuable to children or in any case where repeated needle insertions are undesirable.

The i-Port Advance is a new concept in injection port technology specifically for subcutaneous injections of insulin and drugs requiring similar administration patterns. It is unique in that it is incorporated into its own automatic insertion system, and will place the catheter firmly into the tissue with minimum discomfort.

The product is available with a choice of 6mm and 9mm lengths and uses a 27g introducer needle which is automatically retracted after insertion.

The top entry configuration for injection may be easier for many users.

The table below gives a comparison between the two systems to allow best choice to meet individual patient requirements.

Feature Insuflon i-Port Advanced
Insertion Manual at an angle into the skin to determine depth of injection Using in-built auto-injector to fixed depth defined by catheter length
Catheter Length 17mm allows adjustable depth between 5mm and 9mm Fixed length choice of 6mm or 9mm
Priming Volume 0.007mL 0.007mL
Number of Injections 72 using 27g needle or smaller 75 using 27g needle or smaller
Insertion Duration 3 to 5 days typical, but injection site should be assessed regularly after 3 days to ensure continued viability
Injection Port Position Side entry Top entry
Cost Medium High (X 2)
Box Quantity 10 10
  • Lower cost.
  • Low profile when in position allows greater choice of location.
  • Small amount of plastic waste for easy disposal into small sharps container.
  • Auto injector mechanism.
  • Injection port on top allows easier access.
  • If the device is capped after use it can meet EU sharps safety requirements.
  • More skill needed for insertion.
  • Injection position awkward for some users.
  • No needle safety provision.
  • High profile when in position limits choice of infusion site.
  • Higher cost.
  • Large amount of plastic waste may need larger sharps bin for disposal.

Both products are available directly from Applied Medical Technology and can be supplied to individuals with their care team's approval. Individuals purchasing from us who are resident in the UK are exempt from VAT.

The Insuflon device is available through the NHS Supply Chain service if purchased by institutions, but neither device is currently on prescription.

Please contact us if you require any further information or samples for evaluation.

For UK pricing and delivery information please contact Applied Medical Technology Ltd.