The neria infusion sets are a unique range of products which bring a new level of user comfort and convenience to those who prefer to use a needle set. These were formerly branded as either Thalaset or Contact Sets.

All sets in this range have been tested for compatibility with:

  • Immunoglobulin.
  • Apomorphine.
  • Desferal.

Further testing with other drugs is underway.

The range comprises the following options:

Product Code Needle Guage Tubing Length Needle Length Box Quantity
78-060-2738 27g 60cm 8mm 10
78-110-2738 27g 110cm 8mm 10
78-110-2731 27g 110cm 10mm 10
78-060-2938 29g 60cm 8mm 10
78-060-2931 29g 60cm 10mm 10
78-110-2938 29g 110cm 8mm 10
78-110-2931 29g 110cm 10mm 10

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