The neria™ soft is a new range of soft catheter subcutaneous infusion sets from the makers of the well established neria™ needle sets. The basic pack incorporates 10 catheters and connector tubings and require no additional materials for application.

They feature a soft cannula available in a choice of two lengths, 13mm and 17mm, to meet the requirements of the widest range of users and clinical therapies.

A unique feature of the range is the availability of separate connector tubing to give added convenience to the system.

The sets can be disconnected at the infusion site to facilitate greater flexibility for the users, and to allow replacement of the external tubing to meet changing medical needs.

All Sets Incorporate:

  • Soft, flexible Teflon cannula for maximum comfort.
  • Soft cotton adhesive fixing 'hub'.
  • Standard 'Luer-Lok' connectors for use with any standard pump configuration.
  • Low 'dead-space' volume to minimise drug wastage.
  • Kink resistant tubing.

The range comprises the following options:

Code Description Catheter Tubing Length Box Quantity
76-060-2652 neria™ Connector Tubing N/A 60cm 10
76-110-2652 neria™ Connector Tubing N/A 100cm 10
79-060-2522 neria™ Soft Short 13mm 60cm 10
79-110-2522 neria™ Soft Short 13mm 110cm 10
79-060-2622 neria™ Soft Standard 17mm 60cm 10
79-110-2622 neria™ Soft Standard 17mm 110cm 10

For UK pricing and delivery information please contact Applied Medical Technology Ltd.