The new neria™ Soft 90 product incorporates all the best features of the current neria™ range with the additional feature of a 90 degree soft catheter construction. The disconnectable tubing system offers great flexibility for patients, and there is a transparent window in the catheter assembly to allow viewing of the infusion site.

The system includes a user operated needle safety system which helps compliance with the requirements of the relevant EU regulations.

The range comprises the following options:

Code Catheter Tubing Length Box Quantity
72-2060-5226 6mm 60cm 10
72-2110-5226 6mm 110cm 10
72-2060-5229 9mm 60cm 10
72-2110-5229 9mm 110cm 10
72-2060-5220 Tubing Only 60cm 10
72-2110-5220 Tubing Only 110cm 10

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