Cane Crono
S-PID 50 Pump

The Crono S-PID 50 pump is a higher volume derivation of the Super PID model with some additional programming features. This model uses the Crono 50mL syringe reservoir, and is supplied with a range of carrying accessories for user convenience. The single battery cell has a typical life expectancy sufficient for approximately 70 full syringe infusions.

In particular these pumps have increased flow rate facilities and a higher level of pumping pressure to manage the requirements for the administration of more viscous fluids such as Immunoglobulin.

General Characteristics

  • 50mL dedicated syringes with universal ‘Luer-Lok’ connector
  • Programmable partial syringe fill volume
  • Electronic monitoring and control circuits for safety
  • Light alloy precision engineered pumping mechanism
  • Simple prime function (1.5mL maximum)
  • Delivery can be programmed in flow rate mode (1.0mL to 50mL/Hr) or in timed mode (1 hour to 50 hours) to meet local requirements
  • Automatic switch off and pump reset at end of delivery
  • Light and compact with a weight of 140g, dimensions 84.5 x 55 x 42 mm
  • 3 Volt lithium long life battery
  • Two year warranty
  • CE approved

Specific Characteristics

Because of the high volumes delivered by this device we particularly recommend the neria multi range of infusion sets to spread the delivery over between 2 and 4 sites simultaneously. To simplify the filling of the larger size syringes (50mL and 100mL) we also recommend the use of the new Cronofill accessory.

Cronofill Syringe filling aid

The new Cronofill accessory is designed to simplify the drawing up process for the larger volume 50 mL and 100 mL syringes. It can make it easier to fill, and provides greater accuracy of filling volume.