Applied Medical Technology has the most comprehensive range of products available in the UK dedicated to portable subcutaneous delivery of drugs. This includes pump options to cover a very wide range of therapeutic areas, and a range of disposable products developed over years of experience to provide the most reliable, comfortable and convenient systems available. Please select the links for any further information on each of these products.

Pumps for subcutaneous applications

This exciting range of products is manufactured by Cane Medical Technology in Italy. Fully compliant with CE requirements this pump is available with a reservoir capacity of 10mL or 20mL on the standard model, and with additional 30mL and 50mL options. Pump options in this range may be programmed by volume and in required hours of delivery and are applicable to a wide range of subcutaneous therapies including Pain Control, Asthma, Thalassemia and Oncology. More Information

Pumps for immunology applications

Based on the standard Cane Crono model, with the same reliable mechanical assembly, these models are specifically designed to address the requirements for the subcutaneous administration of Immunoglobulins for the treatment of Primary Immunodeficiency. Currently available in models which will accept 10 or 20mL syringes, as well as separate 30mL and 50mL models, these pumps can address both paediatric and adult applications. More Information

Pumps for pulsatile applications

Developed in conjunction with a leading UK university and based upon the established Cane Crono pump system, this new device is a leader in the field of pulsatile infusions. More Information

Cronofill Syringe filling aid

The new Cronofill accessory is designed to simplify the drawing up process for the larger volume 50 mL and 100 mL syringes. It can make it easier to fill, and provides greater accuracy of filling volume. Download