Quick Set Pack


Disconnect Facility

The innovative Quick-Set product provides a straight 90 degree teflon catheter incorporated into an integral self-adhesive pad, with tubing detachable at the site. The system incorporates a user operated safe needle disposal system to reduce danger from finger-stick accidents. For simplified insertion the Quick-Set may be used with a special insertion device (MMT395) to ensure quick and pain free placement.

The system includes a user operated needle safety system which helps compliance with the requirements of the relevant EU regulations.

The following table shows the product codes available within this range, which may be quoted for ordering purposes.

Code Description Tubing Length Box Quantity
MMT-390 Quick-Set 9mm Catheter 100 cm 10
MMT-391 Quick-Set 6mm Catheter 100 cm 10
MMT-392 Quick-Set 9mm Catheter 60 cm 10
MMT-393 Quick-Set 6mm Catheter 60 cm 10
MMT-395 Quick-Serter n/a 1

All Sets Incorporate:

  • Standard 'Luer-Lok' connectors for use with any standard pump configuration.
  • Low 'dead-space' volume to minimise drug wastage.
  • Kink resistant tubing.

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