The MiniMed Silhouette subcutaneous infusion sets uses a flexible Teflon cannula to achieve the ultimate in user comfort and convenience. These sets are an excellent alternative to the 90 degree insertion devices where there may be limitations on tissue depth, or where an individual has an allergy or other usage problem.

The Silhouette set is completely disconnectable from the pump, at the infusion site. A unique feature of the Silhouette is the ability to give manual injections through the set when the pump is disconnected.

The following table shows the product codes available within this range, which may be quoted for ordering purposes.

Code NHS Suply Code Description Tubing Length Box Quantity
MMT-371 FSB701 Silhouette Full Set 110cm 10
MMT-373 FSB702 Silhouette Full Set 60cm 10

All Sets Incorporate:

  • Soft, flexible Teflon cannula for maximum comfort.
  • Soft cotton adhesive fixing 'hub'.
  • Standard 'Luer-Lok' connectors for use with any standard pump configuration.
  • Low 'dead-space' volume to minimise drug wastage.
  • Kink resistant tubing.


The specially designed connector enables the user to completely disconnect the pump tubing for periods where a break from pump therapy may be desirable. This is particularly valuable for bathing and sporting activities.


The Minimed Silhouette incorporates a silicon sealing port in the set to allow disconnection when approriate. This same facility allows users to inject directly into the site through this port, to avoid additional needle insertion through the skin.

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