Cane Crono
Infusion Pump

The Cane Crono pump is the basis for a family of pumps designed to address a wide range of subcutaneous and intravenous drug administration therapies. All pumps in the range have identical general characteristics, but specific program variants are available to meet particular therapeutic needs. All models can use either a 10mL or 20mL syringe, with a new 30mL model available in the standard Crono configuration, and all are supplied with a range of carrying accessories for user convenience. The single battery cell has a typical life expectancy sufficient for 200-300 full syringe infusions.

General Characteristics

  • 10mL and 20mL dedicated syringes with universal ‘Luer-Lok’ connectors
  • Programmable partial syringe fill volume
  • Simple priming facility (1.5mL max)
  • Electronic monitoring and control circuits for safety
  • Light alloy precision engineered pumping mechanism
  • Automatic switch off at end of delivery
  • Light and compact with a weight of 115g and dimensions 77 x 47 x 29 mm
  • 3 Volt lithium long life battery
  • Supplied with a full range of carrying accessories
  • Two-year warranty
  • CE approved

Specific Characteristics

Designed specifically for subcutaneous use this model allows delivery of the required volume over a specific period. This is the ideal pump for use for treatment of Thalassemia, and for the infusion of Bricanyl in the treatment of Brittle Asthma. Its compact size and ease of use make it ideal for home based therapies where mobility and flexibility are paramount. The pump can be programmed to deliver the syringe fill volume over any specified period between 30 minutes (10mL syringe) or 1 hour (20mL syringe) and 99 hours.