Saflo™ 90 Needle Safe Subcutaneous Infusion Set

To complement the standard Saflo™ device a new lower cost 90 degree model has been added to the range, with a simplified semi-automatic needle protection system.


  • A passive and effective needle safe system
  • Soft catheter construction for maximum dwell times
  • Licensed specifically for subcutaneous administrations
  • Two catheter length options – colour coded for easy identification
  • Very low priming volumes (Less than 0.2mL)
  • Latex-free and DEHP-free construction

Saflo Port

The Saflo 90 Port models, available with 6mm and 9 mm catheter lengths are intended to enable intermittent infusions without repeated needle injections. They  may also be used, with a standard fluid administration set, for subcutaneous rehydration applications allowing flow rates up to 400mL/Hr

Product List

Following the initial introduction additional configurations will become available, and we have the option to tailor to specific therapy requirements.

SF90-106 Saflo 90 6mm catheter 100cm tubing FSB1933 12
SF90-109 Saflo 90 9mm catheter 100cm tubing FSB1935 12
SF90-109-AS Saflo 90 9mm catheter 100cm tubing with anti-siphon valve. FSB2327 12
SF90-P09 Saflo 90 9mm Infusion Port FSB2087 12
SF90-P06 Saflo 90 6mm Infusion Port FSN458 12